Coin Collecting is one of the most common hobbies in our time and unites a huge community of followers around the world. Why? Coins are pieces of art, involving the work of illustrators, designers and engravers; coins are witnesses of history, telling about past events; coins are bearers of information, teach us a lot of knowledge about our world; and, last but not least, of course many precious coins are valuable treasures.

To satisfy the different interests of the coin collectors is the aim of the MCI Mint. Collectors are a big family, and WE ARE A COIN FAMILY!

Bernd Munzert

Bernd Munzert CEO

„MCI is a young and dynamic company, which is offering coins, medals and papermoney from all over the world. Our highly motivated and competent team has a lot of fun at work and appreciate coins very well. Every team member is a team player, which fact is very important for our companies success.“