About us

MCI Team



MCI is a young and dynamic company, which is offering coins, medals and papermoney from all over the world. Our highly motivated and competent team has a lot of fun at work and appreciate coins very well. Every team member is a team player, which fact is very important for our companies success.


We have a strong orientation towards our clients needs and we do all for their satisfaction with our service and our products. Thinking like a collector – thats the center of our philosphy. So we can offer exactly the products the market requests. Therefore quality and personal closeness to our clients, which are even our friends, are very important for us.

If our clients are satisfied with our service and our products, so our employees are satisfied and only then our shareholders will satisfied also with the hard and soft company results.

We are comitted to saving our environment and to support the social disadvantaged persons, and we are aware of our responsibilities as a part of human society.

MCI and its daughter and sister comapnies is an owner operated family business. So we have a flat hierarchy and our decision-making processes are short. So our employees also enjoy the highest decision-making freedom – family structures in a family business.

We have a friendly relationship with our suppliers, because they are so important for our success, are insist on a high quality of their deliveries too.

We are a „Coin Family“ and our suppliers, clients and friends are invited to be a part of it.