The timeline shows the career of Bernd Munzert and the development of our company.

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New unified corporate design

All companies will operate under a new unified corporate design and operate as a closed system in the market.


New and larger office

Today, with seven full-time employees, 5 temporary workers and several freelancers MCI, KTI, N&N and the Munzert Consulting draw in new and larger office after Kabelsketal-Zwintschöna.

Today MCI, with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies KTI, N&N is an important part of the international minting industry.


Kabelsketal International GmbH

Establishing the Kabelsketal International GmbH, a pure service providers and suppliers for both MCI and subsidiary of MCI.


Own business office

relate N&N, MCI and Munzert Consulting her first own business office „Zum Europarondel 1“, but this will initially appeared to be too large by and by a problem of too little space.


MCI International Münzhandelsgesellschaft mbH

Establishment of coin wholesale „MCI International Münzhandelsgesellschaft mbH“ and development of international coin wholesale.


Teleshopping show

First own teleshopping show with Bernd Munzert.


First employee

As the first employee comes Hermann R. Heim (now manager) to N & N.


Retail company N&N

Under the half-finished attic of the private house of Bernd Munzert created the retail company N&N, initially only trade with paper money from around the world the range is expanding rapidly to coins from around the world and continues to grow. From 2008, the collaboration begins with a German shopping channel.


Soon be living room, two nursery, kitchen and the basement business center.


Business studies lecturer

Bernd Munzert starts with only 24 years as a business studies lecturer at several colleges and academies teaching acting. Focus of his work as a university teacher, the subjects tourism management, event management and marketing.

He teaches at the University of Cooperative Education Thuringia, the private Euro-Business-College, the AFZ Rostock and is 2004 Head of Studies & Tourism Event at the private university in Plauen/Vogtland.


A tour operator for holidays in Eastern Europe

Together with a business partner founded Bernd Munzert, his first GmbH – a tour operator for holidays in Eastern Europe, which also „BM TOURS Leipzig“ passes, but separates in November 2002 of its shareholding in the company.



At only 21 years ago Bernd Munzert founded the MUNZERT CONSULTING and is now working as a marketing consultant for various companies and tourism, among other things, he builds the event location „In den Kasematten“ on the Festung Königstein in Saxony with a total investment of close to 5 million euros as a consultant on marketing. The company is now one of the most successful catering businesses in Saxony.


Study of business administration

Bernd Munzert takes on the study of business administration with a focus on tourism at the University of Cooperative Education Saxony but leads „BM Tours Leipzig“ continue in parallel. He successfully completed the study after 3 years with a diploma.


BM Tours Leipzig

At just 18 years old and still a student of the 12th class Bernd Munzert founded his first company „BM Tours Leipzig“ and lead this company with a phone and an old computer from his nursery. Be organized student trips and school trips.


Students start a business

The graduate Bernd Munzert takes with some classmates of the 11th class at the 109th high school in leipzig on a project „JUNIOR“ from the Institute of the the German economy e.V, which has the motto „students start a business“. Here students create a school company, which simulates a real company and also on the real economic life. It will be paid salaries, sells shares, taxes paid – so that students experience economic relationships realistically. Of course it’s not a real business enterprise.

Together with his classmates founded Bernd Munzert the student company „Dachs Reisen“, which organized student trips for other classes and schools. The project is limited to one year. „Dachs Reisen“ is at the federal competition „Best Student Company“ later in Dresden with the 2nd Place Award.